Dr. Mark Bush visits FIU

Invited by the FIU Biology Graduate Students Association and hosted by the Feeley Lab, Dr. Mark Bush from Florida Institute of Technology came to give a Bio-Seminar at FIU.

Dr. Bush is a world expert in the study of biogeography through the use of palynology (the study of pollen). However his interests do not stop there; he has undergone wide research on topics that vary from the collapse of the Pleistocene megafauna, to the recent megadroughts in the Amazon forest, and the impact of global events of climatic variability in past and current vegetation.  He is a lead investigator in the Andes Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Group and he has collaborated with Ken Feeley on one of our most important papers: “Upslope migration of Andean trees”.

Even more, during relaxed conversation he can talk about the future of science, the ecology of South Florida, and he even showed us a new app that he has developed for frog-call identification – “WhatFrog?”. He definitely has a broad range of interests.

Bio-Seminar FIU

Bio-Seminar FIU

His talk:  “Forests and Megafauna in the Ice-Age Amazon-Andes” was one of the most crowded of this year’s Bio-Seminar Series.  In his talk it was again obvious the variety of topics that interrelate in his research, from past to present interactions of plants and animals, to the impact of humans.

In addition to the talk, Dr. Bush day at FIU was packed with meetings with people who wanted to talk to him and get an insight on his research. He gave very valuable advice to graduate students such as: “remember that you are doing a thesis, not the thesis”- which I will have in my mind from now on.

From everyone in the Feeley Lab, we thank you Dr. Bush for sharing your day with us.


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