Please get it right NPR – climate change is real everywhere and not just in the arctic

Over the past couple of days, NPR has given a lot of coverage to climate change associated with President Obama’s visit to the Arctic.  While I appreciate any attention they bring to these important issues, I am very disappointed in some of the statements that they have made which are misleading and simply inaccurate.  In yesterday’s Takeaway program they stated that Obama is in the arctic where “climate change is a reality and not just a theory” and today they again stated that Obama is in the arctic “where climate change is a reality” (or something to that effect). Climate change is a reality everywhere and nowhere is it just a theory.  Climate change is happening in tropical rainforests, beaches, alpine meadows, deserts, boreal forests and arctic tundras.  It is having strong effects everywhere and people livelihoods are being impacted by climate change (although they don’t alway realize it).  What they should be saying is that the effects climate change are ‘more visible‘ in the arctic.


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