Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are very pleased to invite you to attend the 4th Tropical Biology Symposium on the afternoon of Sunday, February 22nd 2015 at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami (hosted by the Fairchild’s Kushlan Tropical Science Institute).

Tropical biologists from UM and FIU will present lectures throughout the afternoon along with two keynote addresses by Drs. Helene Muller-Landau of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and Fabian Michelangeli of the NY Botanical Garden.

The symposium is free and open to the public!  Tell all your friends!

The schedule of events will be:

12:00-13:00: Registration and lunch (provided) at Fairchild’s Garden House auditorium.

13:00-13:10: Introductory remarks.

13:10-14:10: Keynote Speaker: Helene Muller-Landau (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute): “Tropical forest carbon cycles and global change

14:10-14:30: Coffee Break

14:30-14:50: Steve Oberbauer (FIU; Biology) “In the heat of the night and other tales on the controls of tropical tree growth

14:50-15:10: Margie Oleksiak (UM; RSMAS) “Genomic approaches: insights into adapting to a changing environment

15:10-15:30: Eric J Bishop-von Wettberg (FIU; Biology) “Back to the wilds: increasing the climatic resilience of chickpea with expanded germplasm resources

15:30-16:00: Coffee Break

16:00-16:20: Barbara Whitlock (UM; Biology) “Re-visiting the latitudinal gradient of diversity in Malvaceae”

16:20-16:40: Brian Machovina (FIU; Biology) “Conservation – the key is reducing human carnivory

16:40-17:00: Kathleen Sullivan-Sealey (UM; Biology) “Islands, nitrogen and sustainability in changing climates: case study on great Exuma, Bahamas

17:00-17:20: Coffee Break

17:20-18:20Keynote speaker: Fabian A. Michelangeli (NY Botanical Garden) The assemblage of Neotropical forests: a phylogenetic perspective

18:20-19:30: Drinks & Refreshments (provided)

Please RSVP by February 18th through our Doodle poll:


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