my new biggest pet peeve

The last couple of times that I’ve gone to get coffee with my own mug, the barista has measured out the coffee into a disposable cup, poured it into my mug, and then thrown the cup away! I understand that the barista is under pressure to not give away anything, but this totally defeats any attempt to reduce waste.  It is also costing for the coffee shop money since they pay for the cup but still give me a discount for bringing my own cup – and there is no way that the extra bit of coffee that they might accidently give me costs anywhere near as much as that wasted cup.

Along those same lines, there are several times that I have stopped a shop attendant from putting something in a plastic bag only to watch them throw away the bag that they had started to use.  Had my item somehow spoiled the bag and made it unfit for the next customer’s foot powder?!

How do people still not get it? I am dumfounded.



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