Bahamians Eat Meat. A Lot of It.

Originally posted by Dr. Craig Laymen on the Abaco Scientist Blog

Abaco Scientist friend Ken Feeley has been doing a lot of research recently on the remarkable environmental impacts that stem from a single human activity – eating meat.  For instance, here is one short letter he wrote on the issue – read the whole thing. Ken was looking at Abaco Scientist, and it got him thinking about how The Bahamas compares with other areas on per capita meat consumption.  With so many seafood options, it was striking to see meat consumption numbers for the country (as compared with the global average, data from

This relates back to Ken’s letter because of the vanishingly small proportion of meat and pork demand that is met by internal production. In other words, demand for meat in The Bahamas results in a net export of environmental damage to other countries.   We think so much about environmental challenges within the country, yet this case is an interesting example of how activities in The Bahamas results in damaging environmental effects in other parts of the globe.


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